Printing & Finishing Services

Printing & Finishing Services

Zaffarese Signs & Displays takes pride in offering comprehensive printing services to bring your vision to life. We utilize different methods and materials to deliver exceptional quality and vibrant results. From direct printing on rigid materials to printing on vinyl and laminated materials such as PVC, ACP, Acrylic, and Vinyl, we have the expertise to meet your printing and finishing services needs. Explore our range of printing and finishing services needs below.

Printing on Paper, Vinyl, and Special Roll-to-Roll Material
Printing on Rigid Material
Lamination, Mounting, and Installation
Printing on PVC: Banners, Billboards, Hoardings, Blinds
Printing on Fabric: Blinds, Curtains, Fabric
Sublimation Printing

At Zaffarese Signs & Displays, we offer a wide range of printing options on various materials to meet your unique needs. Our extensive selection includes:

  • Paper: We stock and print on several types of paper, including Gloss, Satin, and Matt, all available in widths of up to 160 cm.
  • Adhesive Vinyl: Choose from White gloss, Satin, and Matt adhesive vinyl, all up to 160 cm wide.
  • One Way Vision Film: Ideal for privacy and advertising applications.
  • Frosted Adhesive Film: Create an elegant frosted glass effect.
  • Window Film: Versatile films for various window applications.
  • Window Solar Film: Enhance energy efficiency and sun protection.
  • Clear Film: Perfect for transparent print projects.
  • PVC Film for Roller Ups: Durable and customizable for roll-up banners.
  • Magnetic Film: Turn surfaces into magnetic displays.
  • Static Film for Glass Windows: Easily removable and repositionable.
  • Fluorescent Film: Vibrant, eye-catching colours.
  • Luminescent Film: Glowing in the dark for added visibility.
  • Reflective Film: High-visibility material for safety and signage.
  • Floor Graphics Film: Durable films for floor advertisements and directions.
  • Wallpaper: Transform interiors with custom-designed wallpaper.
  • Gift Wrapping Paper: Personalize your gift wrapping for special occasions.
  • Stickers: Versatile stickers for various applications.
  • Labels: High-quality labels for branding and organization.

Whatever your printing needs, we have the right material and expertise to bring your vision to life. Explore our diverse range of options and let us help you make an impact through printing.

Our capabilities extend to printing on a diverse range of rigid materials, allowing for unique and creative solutions. Our offerings include:

  • PVC Sheets: Up to an impressive 30mm in thickness.
  • Acrylic Sheets: We can print on acrylic sheets up to 25mm thick, adding a touch of sophistication to your designs.
  • Bubble Board Sheets: Lightweight and versatile, perfect for displays and signage.
  • Cardboard: Ideal for environmentally friendly projects and temporary displays.
  • Honeycomb Board: Combining strength and lightweight properties for various applications.
  • Rigid Polystyrene: Durable and adaptable for different creative projects.
  • Foam Board: A versatile and cost-effective solution for displays and signage.
  • Plywood: A sturdy choice for rustic or structural design applications.
  • Fibre Board: Offering flexibility and a smooth surface for print projects.
  • Melamine: Known for its durability and suitability for various indoor applications.
  • ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel): A popular choice for exterior signage and architectural elements.
  • Solid Aluminum: Durable and robust, suitable for a range of outdoor applications.
  • Leather: Elevate your projects with a touch of luxury and texture.
  • Linoleum: A unique choice for floor graphics and creative design projects.
  • Carpet: Ideal for custom carpet designs and branding.
  • Glass: Transform glass surfaces into striking visuals with our printing capabilities.
  • Ceramic: Customize ceramic tiles for decorative and functional purposes.
  • Cork: A sustainable choice for unique and eco-friendly projects.
  • HPL (High-Pressure Laminate): We can print on HPL sheets up to 12mm thick for durability and versatility.
  • Chromaluxe: Achieve high-quality, vibrant prints on this unique substrate.
  • Duraluxe: For durable, high-definition metal prints with a variety of finishing options.

No matter the material, we have the expertise to bring your designs to life, ensuring they make a lasting impression. Explore our options and elevate your printing projects with us.

At Zaffarese Signs & Displays, we go beyond printing to provide a comprehensive suite of services that ensure your projects shine. Our lamination, mounting, and installation offerings include:


  • Glossy, Satin, Matt Lamination: Choose from a variety of finishes to protect and enhance your prints.
  • Hard Surface Glossy Lamination: Add a durable, high-gloss finish to rigid materials.
  • Graffiti Resistant/Removal Lamination: Protect your signage against graffiti and make cleanup a breeze.


  • Mounting to Rigid Material: Ensure your prints are securely attached to sturdy substrates.
  • Mounting to Panels: Transform your prints into panel displays for easy setup and presentation.
  • Mounting on Site: Our team can handle on-site mounting, saving you time and effort.
  • Mounting on Walls: Create eye-catching wall displays with our expert mounting services.
  • Mounting on Displays: Bring your displays to life with precision mounting techniques.
  • Mounting on Vehicles: Turn your vehicles into mobile advertising platforms with professional mounting.
  • Mounting on Glass: Achieve stunning transparency and visibility with glass-mounted prints.
  • Mounting on Floors: Make an impact underfoot with floor-mounted graphics that stand up to heavy traffic.

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure that your projects are not only visually impressive but also long-lasting. Explore our lamination, mounting, and installation options to take your prints to the next level.

Discover the versatility of PVC as a medium for your printing needs at Zaffarese Signs & Displays. We offer high-quality printing services on PVC for various applications, including:

  • Banners: Whether for indoor or outdoor use, our PVC banners are designed to make a statement. We print in vibrant colours and can accommodate a wide range of sizes to suit your promotional needs.
  • Billboards: Capture the attention of a wide audience with our professional billboard printing services. We provide impactful designs and high-resolution prints for effective outdoor advertising campaigns.
  • Hoardings: Showcase your brand, message, or artwork on large hoardings with our precision PVC printing. We ensure that your hoardings stand out and leave a lasting impression.
  • Blinds: Enhance the ambience of your space with custom-printed PVC blinds. Our printing expertise allows us to bring your unique designs to life, adding a touch of personality to any interior.

At Zaffarese Signs & Displays, we leverage the durability and flexibility of PVC to deliver exceptional print quality across a range of applications. Trust us to bring your ideas to life on PVC with precision and creativity.

Elevate your interior design and branding with our exceptional fabric printing services at Zaffarese Signs & Displays. We specialize in printing on various fabric materials, offering customization for:

  • Blinds: Transform your windows and control light with printed fabric blinds. Our precise printing ensures that your blinds not only provide functionality but also serve as a unique design element in your space.
  • Curtains: Add a touch of elegance to any room with custom-printed curtains. Whether for homes, offices, or events, our fabric printing brings your designs to life on curtains, creating a captivating atmosphere.
  • Fabric: Our fabric printing extends beyond blinds and curtains. We print on a wide range of fabric materials for diverse applications, including banners, upholstery, wall coverings, and more. Let your creativity flow with our fabric printing solutions.

At Zaffarese Signs & Displays, we combine high-quality printing technology with a variety of fabric options to ensure your projects meet your visual communication needs with precision and style.

Experience vibrant and long-lasting printed products with our sublimation printing services at Zaffarese Signs & Displays. Sublimation printing is a versatile method that allows us to infuse your designs into various materials, ensuring exceptional results for a range of applications:

  • Apparel: Create custom clothing, including T-shirts, sportswear, and uniforms, with sublimation printing. Our process ensures brilliant, fade-resistant prints that won’t crack or peel, even after numerous washes.
  • Promotional Products: Elevate your brand’s visibility with sublimation-printed promotional items like mugs, mouse pads, phone cases, and more. Our precise printing technology brings your logos and designs to life, making a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Interior Décor: Transform your living and working spaces with sublimation-printed interior décor items, such as cushions, tablecloths, and wall hangings. Our sublimation process guarantees rich, vibrant colours and sharp details.
  • Flags and Banners: Create eye-catching flags and banners that stand out at events, exhibitions, and outdoor displays. Sublimation printing ensures your graphics are vivid and durable, even in challenging weather conditions.
  • Personalized Gifts: Craft meaningful gifts with a personal touch using sublimation printing. From photo gifts to custom puzzles, we can bring your unique ideas to life with precision and quality.

At Zaffarese Signs & Displays, we employ cutting-edge sublimation printing technology to offer you a wide range of creative possibilities. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your sublimation-printed products are of the highest quality and tailored to your specific needs.

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