Window Films

Solar Protection Film
UV Protection Film
Security Film
One Way Vision Film
Frosted Window Film

The heat-resistant films are the perfect alternative to air conditioning. Fixed on the windows, they help to maintain the coolness in your home, even at higher temperatures.

UV Protection

Our uv protection films allow to protect exhibits in showcases, museums or galleries while reducing the phenomenon of fading.


Our display adhesive stripes allow us to inform glazing partitions in public places.

Our security films increase the strength of the glass, prevent shattering, and do not change the transparency of the glass.

This anti-graffitis film is designed for easy graffiti cleaning and glass protection against attacks and scratches caused deliberately.

Mirror Film

Discover our range of opaque mirrors, safety mirrors, one-way mirrors.

Our degressive films allow you to select the surface you want to hide from prying eyes while adding a decorative aspect.

Frosted full films allow to partially or completely hide the view. They preserve your privacy while allowing light to pass through.

Our colour range offers 16 shades and effect dichroic films to dress your windows while maintaining transparency and brightness. Change the look of your rooms in a snap.

Our decorative friezes provide a modern and original finish. Find our different destinations: Paris, London, and New York..

Our ribbed films provide a raised glass effect while allowing more or less privacy depending on the model chosen.