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Comprehensive Display Solutions

Discover a world of display possibilities with our versatile product categories. From open spaces like museums and showrooms to office environments and retail spaces, we offer tailored solutions to impress, promote, and elevate your brand.

Explore our diverse range of display options, each designed to enhance your space:

Display for Spaces: Ideal for museums, galleries, offices, showrooms, and retail settings, these products are crafted to showcase your business or organization effectively.

Display for Walls & Windows: Brighten up dull office spaces, conceal construction work with building wraps, or personalize your home with printed wallpaper from this selection.

Display Furniture: Put the final touch on your exhibitions, offices, or events with personalized fabric furniture solutions. Perfect for trade shows, office seating areas, and thoughtful household gifts.

Fabric Displays: Our innovative fabric display range is both reusable and modular, allowing you to mix and match components for any space. Benefit from fast availability and exhibitor discounts.

Displays for Spaces
Display For Walls & Windows
Display Furniture
Fabric Displays
  • Cardboard Engineering: Innovative and cost-effective cardboard displays crafted in-house for eye-catching branding at exhibitions and events.
  • Cut-Out Figures: Inexpensive printed cut-out figures that add a unique touch to exhibitions and events, creating memorable experiences.
  • Desk Screens and Partitions: Create private workspaces with our desk screens and partitions, enhancing office organization and comfort.
  • Fabric Graphics: Elevate displays with bespoke fabric graphics and digital fabric printing for vibrant and detailed signage and banners.
  • Fabric Privacy Screens: Flexible screens for private spaces, easy to move and store, ideal for dynamic office layouts.
  • Flying Banners and Flags: Eye-catching outdoor displays perfect for branding and promotions in open spaces.
  • Foldaway Kits: Customizable, portable kits designed for quick setup and convenience at exhibitions, presentations, and events.
  • Freestanding Snap Poster Frames: Stylish frames for A4 or A3 posters with quick setup and 48-hour delivery.
  • Glazed Office Screens: Create enclosed workspaces with privacy and visibility for open office layouts.
  • Hanging Graphics: Draw attention with hanging graphics and ceiling displays that reinforce branding messages.
  • Lightboxes: Free-standing lightboxes with rich full-color graphics for easy setup and transportation.
  • Museums & Galleries: Bespoke signage and displays to enhance the visitor experience in museums and galleries.
  • Office Screen Partitions: Portable screens for constructing meeting areas in open offices, offering privacy and comfort.
  • Outdoor Banner Stands: Outdoor displays, including Horizon, Blizzard, and Hydro Storm Banner Stands, with fast 48-hour delivery.
  • Outdoor Planters: Sturdy planters designed to house banners or flags for maximum visual impact.
  • Portable Conference Kits: Convenient and professional kits for successful conferences and presentations.
  • Portable Room Dividers: Flexible panels for configuring functional zones within rooms and workspaces.
  • Safety Standees: Custom visual warning standees to enhance safety around sites and premises.
  • Shopping Centre Signs: Comprehensive sign solutions tailored for shopping centre environments.
  • Showroom Displays: Ideas and expertise to elevate showroom and retail space displays.
  • Suspended Disc Banners: Circular hanging signs that grab attention at events and special occasions.
  • Suspended Signs: A wide range of hanging signs and display graphics for exhibition halls and conference centres, providing visibility and impact for events and exhibits.
  • Acrylic Graphics: Elevate your space with stunning acrylic prints, available in just 48 hours. Transform your surroundings with vibrant and high-quality acrylic graphics.
  • Billboards: Our team handles everything, from in-depth surveys and creative designs to the construction of eye-catching external billboards. We bring your messages to life on a grand scale.
  • Building Wraps: Make a bold statement with our professional-grade building wraps and site hoardings. Trust us to create a lasting impression on any construction site.
  • Canvas Framed Prints: Experience top-tier craftsmanship with our premium canvas framed prints, ready for dispatch within 48 hours from our Manchester facility.
  • Etched & Frosted Vinyl: Create an elegant touch with our specialized etched and frosted vinyl graphics. Perfect for glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate surfaces, with rapid delivery options.
  • Exhibition Graphics: When it comes to your exhibition stand, count on our expertise to deliver impactful exhibition graphics that captivate your audience.
  • Graphic Panels: Stand out from the crowd with our high-quality graphic panels and displays. We offer versatile solutions for all your visual needs.
  • Interior Sign Systems & Office Signs: Navigate your interior space effortlessly with our bespoke interior wayfinding signs and sign systems. Quality and speed combined.
  • Interior Wall Vinyl: Personalize your environment with our range of self-adhesive interior wall vinyl and custom vinyl wall coverings. Elevate your space with high-quality graphics.
  • Noticeboards: Enhance communication with our tailored custom noticeboards. Keep your messages organized and easily accessible.
  • Office Graphics: Go beyond aesthetics in your office space. Our office graphics are designed to create a functional and inspiring workspace.
  • Printed Wallpaper: Embrace unique interior design with full-color custom-printed wallpaper. Elevate your space with eye-catching visuals.
  • Shop Fronts & Facias: Make a lasting impression with our shop signage and shop fronts. We help your business stand out and attract customers.
  • Vinyl Letters & Shapes: Explore our diverse range of vinyl letters and shapes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Elevate your messaging.
  • Whiteboards: Streamline communication with our customized whiteboards. Tailored to your needs, they enhance productivity and collaboration.
  • Window Graphics: Transform your windows into powerful branding and communication tools. Our high-quality printed window graphics and vinyl make an impact.
  • Cube Set: Discover versatile seating and table solutions with our Cube Set. Functional and stylish, it’s perfect for any event or space.
  • Free Standing Table: Our free-standing tables offer convenience and flexibility for various settings. Easily reposition them to meet your needs.
  • Personalized Bean Bag: Relax in style with our personalized bean bags. Create a cosy and unique seating experience for your space.
  • Personalized Deck Chair: Enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style with our personalized deck chairs. Add your personal touch to outdoor seating.
  • Personalized Director’s Chair: Elevate your seating with personalized director’s chairs. They combine comfort and customization for a unique touch.
  • Embrace Booth: Create private meeting spaces or partition open-plan rooms effortlessly with our spacious Embrace Booths. They’re designed to enhance functionality and privacy in your office environment.
  • Fabric Hanging Signs: Elevate your space with hassle-free fabric hanging displays, all at competitive trade prices. They’re a stylish and cost-effective way to convey your message effectively.
  • Fabric Lightbox: Experience the redesigned Fabulous Fabric Lightbox, engineered to deliver stunning visuals. Illuminate your message with style and sophistication.
  • Fabric Totem: Our slimline Totem fabric stand is your ideal choice for navigation. Its small footprint is perfect for tight spaces, and you can opt for double-sided printing or a single-sided design. Plus, it conveniently collapses into a compact bag.

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