Playlogiq's Sigma Gaming Conference Exhibition Stand at MMH Malta

Exhibition Excellence: Playlogiq's Sigma Gaming Conference Stand


Playlogiq, a leading player in the gaming industry, aimed to make a significant impact at the Sigma Gaming Conference held at MMH Malta. To achieve this, they entrusted Zaffarese Signs & Displays with the task of creating an outstanding exhibition stand that would captivate attendees and reflect their innovative brand image.


Limited setup time: The team had a tight schedule for installation before the event’s commencement.
High visibility requirement: Playlogicq needed an eye-catching stand that would draw attendees’ attention in the bustling conference environment.
On-site services: The stand required various on-site services, including printing, spraying, and woodwork, to ensure it met Playlogiq’s exact specifications.

Our Solution:

Zaffarese Signs & Displays rose to the challenge, leveraging its expertise in exhibition design and construction. Here’s how we delivered excellence:

  • Printing: We used state-of-the-art printing technology to produce vibrant graphics and branding materials that showcased Playlogiq’s products and services effectively.
  • Spraying: Precision spraying techniques were employed to ensure the stand’s finish was flawless and in line with Playlogiq’s branding.
  • Woodwork: Our skilled craftsmen meticulously crafted components of the stand, ensuring structural integrity and a polished appearance.
  • Installation: Our experienced team efficiently set up the exhibition stand, overcoming the tight timeline without compromising quality.
  • Dismantling: Post-event, we swiftly dismantled the stand, leaving the client stress-free and ready for a hassle-free exit from the venue


Playlogiq’s exhibition stand at the Sigma Gaming Conference became a focal point at the event. Attendees were drawn to the visually stunning display, creating an engaging environment for networking and business discussions. The high-quality materials used in construction ensured that the stand not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Playlogiq left a memorable impression on conference attendees, reinforcing its brand as an industry leader. Zaffarese Signs & Displays was proud to contribute to Playlogiq’s success at this prestigious event, delivering top-notch services from design to execution.

If you have an upcoming event or exhibition and need a standout display solution, contact Zaffarese Signs & Displays today. Let us help you make a lasting impression in your industry.

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