About Us

Zaffarese Signs + Display Ltd have been entrusted with several prestigious turnkey projects, both locally and abroad. In these pages, you will find detailed information regarding the services offered by the two leading Maltese companies, together with reference to past projects which the company has been entrusted with and pictures of such assignments.

Having all services under one roof, our clients benefit from the efficient management of projects, a guaranteed high level of service and more competitive prices.

Throughout the years, we have ensured a high level of creativity in our work, combined with attention to detail and the use of innovative systems. Each assignment is tailored to the client's needs, but also creates a high level of interest, in that it is unique, versatile and simultaneously eye-catching. We ensure our client's satisfaction by working hand in hand with him, through all phases of the project, with due importance being given to each phase. 

Our trained multi-disciplinary team is there to listen to the client's needs, provide him with alternative designs and materials, adapt them to suit his objectives, and provide him with the final product in the shortest possible time and with efficient interaction between the different stages of the project, because all tasks are carried out in-house. Thus, we are confident that our clients’ expectations are met.

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